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    Walk-In Care for the Entire Family

    From the common cold to seasonal allergies, we treat all non-emergency medical matters.


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What our Patients are Saying

203 Urgent Care has the best patients, and their feedback is important to us. Have a comment or question? Be sure to send us a message on our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

Olivia J.

Olivia J.

Professional / Mother
Not only am I the mother of 3 kids, but I'm also a professional. Timing is everything for my children and I. Making it to doctors appointments when most offices close around 5pm is close to impossible. I cannot tell you the relief I feel knowing there is a local medical facility which is not only open past regular office hours, but doesn't require appointments. This is such a huge weight off my already compressed shoulders. Grateful.
Brendan K.

Brendan K.

I manage a warehouse with about 50 guys. I don't have much time to do research and scout out who they can go for this and that when they get hurt. The urgent care makes it simple and easy.. they get hurt, they need a physical, they need pre-employment physicals- no problem.. it's all taken care of at the same place. This solution works for me and my company.
Carla S.

Carla S.

Having moved to Connecticut to attend college, I'm away from home.. which also means I'm away from my mom who normally takes care of my doctors visits. I like knowing I don't need to call ahead and make an appointment to see a doctor or go through all this crazy paperwork when I arrive. I literally just want to get in and out, and on with my day. I'm totally able to do that with the urgent care. Love it!
Liana G.

Liana G.

School Nurse
I'm a school nurse, I'm faced with about 20 kids sick minimum per day. Since these illnesses are not expected getting in to see a doctor right away is not always going to happen. My suggestion to parents is to always visit 203 Urgent Care. I've heard nothing but amazing feedback from parents who've visited seeking medical treatment for their kids (and often for themselves.) Thanks for keeping my kids happy and healthy and making my job far easier!


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